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  • Dilli ke Pakora


    An evening tea time snack from Delhi. A combination of onion, potato, cauliflower, cottage cheese, dunked in gram flour batter and deep fried.

  • Punjabi Samosa chat


    Indian street food snack tossed with chickpeas, tamarind, yogurt and mint.

  • Paneer peanut masala


    Cottage cheese fried and tossed in crushed peanut, fenugreek and coriander.

  • Medhu Vada


    Medu vada is an Indian fritter made from Vigna mungo, made in doughnut-shape & fried with a crispy exterior and soft interior. It is generally eaten as a breakfast or a snack served with ‘sambar’ –lentil & vegetable broth and & chutney.

  • Juhu Beach Bhel Puri


    A melange of puffed rice, fried gram noodles, fresh onion, tomato, chillies, boiled spuds and finished with a sweet-sour-spicy glacé. A not to miss beach snack from Mumbai.

  • Malabar Kappa


    Fresh cassava chunks boiled and finished with grated coconut and tempered mustard and curry leaves served with a chilli dip.

  • Idli


    ‘Idli’- steamed cakes made with lentil and rice batter. Have it your way Masala fried Idli or steamed served with chutney and sambar.

  • Amritsari Machli


    Garlic and Caraway seeds laced tilapia fillet dressed with gram flour batter and deep fried & served with mint chutney.

  • Kolkata Kathi roll - Chicken Kathi


    Mouth-watering street food from Kolkata made from egg coated wrap filled with a mild spiced mix of tender chicken (or Indian cottage cheese), onions and pepper.

  • Kolkata Kathi roll - Paneer Kathi


    Mouth-watering street food from Kolkata made from egg coated wrap filled with a mild spiced mix of tender chicken (or Indian cottage cheese), onions and pepper.

  • Chettinad Chilli Chicken


    Succulent chicken morsels deep fried & tossed with fresh chillies, spices and curry leaves.

  • Mangalorean Squid


    Curry spiced squid flash fried and finished with spices and fresh coriander.

  • Kerala House Boat Beef Fry


    Beef slowly cooked and then fried with chillies, mustard, Indian spices, curry leaves and finished with fresh coconut slivers. A common feature on Kerala house boat menu and the famous ‘toddy shops’.

  • Hyderabad chicken 65


    Pan fried chicken morsels tempered with chilli, curry leaves in a yogurt based sauce.

  • Soup of the Day


    Ask for our Chef's special soup of the day, made fresh every day.

Entree from our clay oven All kebabs may have gluten content due to the source used for making breads as well
  • Murgh Tikka


    The word tikka means bits or pieces. Chicken morsels marinated overnight in hung curd, spices, skewered & baked in the tandoor.

  • Lamb Seekh Kebab


    Our special delight of minced Lamb with fresh mint, coriander, ginger and green chilli paste, skewered and finished in clay oven.

  • Tandoori Lamb Chops


    Lamb chops, marinated in curry spiced yoghurt and finished in our clay oven.

  • Neelagiree tandoori salad


    A combination of clay oven cooked cottage cheese, sweet pepper, apple and seasonal salad leaf tossed in lemon dressing and dried mango.

  • Achari Paneer Tikka


    Cottage cheese marinated in pickle spices and finished in a clay oven.

Main course from our grill & tandoor
  • Tandoori Jhinga


    Fragrantly Tandoori marinated Tiger Prawns on shell served with lime coriander chutney.

  • Tandoori Catch of the day


    Whole fish on bone marinated with spices and served on a bed of caramelised onion.

  • Neelagiree Special Tandoori Mix


    Platter of Chicken tikka, Tiger Prawns, Lamb sheekh kebab, lamb chops & achari paneer .

  • Grilled stuffed seabass


    Our signature surprise; whole seabass stuffed with a prawn and spice mix and finished on a griddle.

Main courses from our curry pot
  • Dilli ke Chole masala


    This is an awesome combination of chickpeas in a flavourful onions tomato masala.

  • Dhaba dal fry


    A dhaba- ‘highway eatery’ style simple and soothing lentil, tempered with garlic, cumin seeds and fresh coriander

  • Neelagiri Vegetable Korma


    Our signature mix vegetable dish cooked in coconut, mint & coriander.

  • Dal Makhani


    Slow cooked whole black lentil rich in butter finished with dry fenugreek leaves and cream.

  • Bhindi do pyaza


    Okra tossed with onion and tomato in a tangy sauce and finished with spring onion

  • Amritsari paneer butter masala


    Cottage cheese cooked in a luscious tomato and cashewnuts gravy and finished with soft butter

  • Benarasi malai kofta


    Cottage cheese and potato dumpling simmered in fragrant cashew nuts gravy.

  • Lucknowi Chicken Korma


    Chicken morsels simmered in a creamy fragrant sauce with onion, garlic, ginger and cashews.

  • Punjabi Murgh Makhani


    Chicken tikka simmered in luscious, buttery tomato cashew gravy.

  • Chettinad Chicken masala


    A classic recipe, from the region of Chettinad in Tamil Nadu which is famous for its complex fiery spice mix.

  • Goan Beef Vindaloo


    Beef marinated with white wine vinegar, garlic, dried red chilli paste and made into a curry with a blend of hot and exotic spices.

  • Keralan Coconut Fish Curry


    Traditional Kerala style fish poached in a mildly flavoured coconut milk, turmeric, mustard, cocum and curry leaves

  • Andhra Fish masala


    Andhra style stir fry crispy tilapia fish finished with hot chillies, yoghurt and fresh coriander

  • Kashmiri Lamb Rogan Josh


    One of the Signature dish of Kashmir Cuisine, in which Lamb is cooked to tender in a gravy based on browned onions, yogurt, and mild aromatic spices.

  • Neelagiri Kadai lamb


    Tender lamb morsels tossed in flavourful spices, onion & tomato.

  • Neelagiri Nalli ghost


    Our signature dish of lamb shanks slow braised in melange of spices.

  • Margao Prawn Balcho


    A spicy Goan prawn curry cooked with a sensational kokum paste.

  • Jhinga Khada masala


    King prawn sautéed with roasted spices and finished with sweet pepper, tomato and onion

Biryani Handi
  • Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani


    Most popular Dum cooked chicken biryani from the region of Hyderabad in which marinated chicken is cooked in Basmati rice over low heat.

  • Malabar Lamb Biryani


    Layers of Basmati rice and mildly spiced fragrant Lamb biryani with mint and yoghurt from the region of Malabar in Kerala.

  • Aleppey Seafood Biryani


    Mix seafood and rice preparation by layering spices shrimp, and fish, aromatic rice in coconut milk and cooked until done.

  • Gujrati Taka Tak Tawa Veg Biryani


    Melange of mixed vegetable tossed with rice and spices and tossed on a flat griddle with raisins, and cashew nuts.

Dosa Corner Dosa are fermented rice and lentil savoury pancake from the southern part of India. All dosa served with Sambar and a selection of chutney.
  • Plain Dosa


    Crisp pancake made with fermented lentil and rice batter.

  • Ghee Roasted Dosa


    Crisp pancake made with fermented lentil and rice batter finished with clarified butter- ‘ghee.

  • Masala Dosa


    Crisp Pancake made with fermented lentil and rice batter filled with a mash potato mix.

  • Chicken Masala Dosa


    Crisp pancake made with fermented lentil and rice batter filled with a chicken mix.

  • Lamb Masala Dosa


    Crisp pancake made with fermented lentil and rice batter filled with a lamb mix.

  • Neelagiree Special Dosa


    Crisp pancake smeared with spicy chutney, filled with a vegetable & mash potato mix.

  • Mix vegetable Uttapam


    Stone griddle cooked thick Dosa topped with a mix of onion, tomato, coriander & chilly often called the pizza of the south. Served with sambar and chutney.

  • Rava Dosa


    A Semolina and rice flour pancake.

Desserts – Mithai corner
  • Coconut Berry Delight


    Signature desert made in-house with coconut milk, cardamom & finished with berry compote and mango sauce

  • Shahi Tukra


    Royal Indian bread pudding with dry fruits, cardamom finished with condensed milk.

  • Kesari Halva


    Semolina pudding made with saffron and fried cashew nuts.

  • Rice Kheer


    Creamy combination of rice with sweetened milk & saffron topped with pistachio

  • Gulab Jamun


    Traditional, fried milk balls soaked in rose scented syrup

  • Gajjar ka Halwa


    Traditional winter dessert made with fresh carrot slow cooked in reduced milk and finished with nuts

  • Malai Khulfi


    Kulfi is a popular frozen dairy dessert from the Indian Subcontinent. It is often described as "traditional Indian ice cream"

  • Selection of homemade Ice cream- 2 scoops


    Choose from Mango, Pistachio, Coconut, Honey walnut

We haven’t listed all of the ingredients in every dish. In case of any allergies/intolerances, please let your servers know.
Rice and Bread Selection
  • Plain Rice


    Basmati rice simply boiled.

  • Ghee rice


    Basmati rice finished with clarified butter ‘ghee’

  • Lemon Rice


    Basmati rice finished with lemon and turmeric.

  • Jeera Rice


    Cumin and onion tempered basmati rice.

  • Tamarind rice


    Fragrant basmati rice infused with tamarind.

  • Zaffrani pulao


    Fragrant basmati rice infused with saffron and whole fragrant spices.

  • Bhature


    Fried leavened bread made with refined flour, yoghurt and seasoning

  • Tandoori Roti


    Unleavened whole wheat flour Indian bread.

  • Lacha Paratha


    Unleavened whole wheat bread layered & finished with clarified butter.

  • Pudina Paratha


    Unleavened whole wheat bread layered & finished with clarified butter & fresh mint.

  • Naan


    Fermented Indian bread made with refined flour.

  • Butter Naan


    Fermented Indian bread made with refined flour and with clarified butter.

  • Garlic Coriander naan/ Chilli naan /cheese naan


    Fermented Indian bread made with refined flour and with clarified butter, garlic, coriander/ fresh green chilli & clarified butter/ or cheese and clarified butter.

  • Malabari porotha


    Layered griddle cooked layered bread from the food shack of Kerala.

  • Kashmiri naan


    Stuffed naan with almond, cashew nuts, raisins, coconut flavoured with cardamom & topped with cherry.

  • Keema naan


    Fermented Indian bread stuffed with spiced lamb mince and finished with clarified butter.

Milk Shakes & Lassi flavoured yoghurt drink
Glass Jug
Vanilla milk shake £3.10 £9.45
Mango milk shake £3.10 £9.45
Salted lassi £2.00 £6.20
Sweet lassi £2.00 £6.20
Mango lassi £2.50 £7.45
Signature Fresh Juice Collection We are proud to present our in-house selection of freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juice
Carrot & Ginger £4.50
Carrot apple & ginger £4.50
Tangerine & carrot £4.50
Juice of the day £4.65
Ask your server
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