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Neelagiree South Indian Restaurant

Offering an inventive approach to Indian cuisine.

The Real

Taste of India

All our ingredients are carefully selected for each dish to give you the best taste of India...

Deliciously Indian...

Only one of its kind

Neelagiree is proud to say that it is the only one of its kind in Yorkshire. It serves dishes proven to be traditionally best from selected states of India.


A Journey Across India

We at Neelagiree presents you with varieties of dishes from length and breadth of India, The state of Maharashtra in the West to West Bengal in the East & Kerala state in south to Jammu at North.



About Neelagiree

The one and only Restaurant of its kind in Yorkshire.

It is one of the very few authentic Indian Restaurant's in the Region. This Beautiful restaurant at Westgate Rotherham, is named after the world famous Nilgiris (Blue peaks/ blue hills) the range of mountains spread across the borders among the three South Indian States of Kerala Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. This range is a huge attraction to the tourists around the World.

The Nilgiri Hills are part of a larger mountain chain known as the Western Ghats. This beautiful cluster of hills is rich and famous for its natural spices. Tea and coffee plantations have been also adds to its economy. We are proud to advertise the fact that the spices we use at our restaurant comes mostly from Nilgiri Ranges and the southern states of India.

Why Neelagiree?

We at Neelagiree proudly presents you varieties of dishes from length and breadth of India with main specialities of Kerala. You will find on our menu a variety of dishes originated from Maharashtra in the West to West Bengal in the East & Kerala state in the south to Jammu at North. We have taken best of our efforts to make our menu includes the most popular dishes, which are traditionally Indian with a special focus to specialties of South India. These dishes are rarely available in Indian restaurants in the UK. If you are looking for best in quality and authenticity, Neelagiree is the right place for you.

With the combination of most delicious dishes, the best class service in the industry and the right ambience, no doubt Neelagiree will give you a delightful experience. Our lovely and experienced waiting staff can help you choose from our rare and varieties of dishes which you probably have never tasted in the past. They are stunningly presented and served to you with a taste you would have never imagined to be real….

Neelagiree's interior features and artworks, proclaims the traditions and cultural richness of India. These enchanting and talented works makes you the Guests of Neelagiree, get a genuine feel of the vibrant Culture of India..

A warm and hearty welcome to our restaurant to enjoy the world of authentic Indian tastes and feel the true hospitality.

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Our Professionals

Team Neelagiree

Our Chefs

Neelagiree’s Chefs come from various parts of India, with years of experience in cooking, wide knowledge about regional dishes and a remarkable hospitality experience.

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Neelagiree Restaurant 4 Westgate, Rotherham, S60 1AN, UK

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